September 15, 2023 in Sales

The Art Of Building Trust

Before you spend your hard-earned money on a product or service, you definitely must have seen one or two things that assured you of the authenticity of the seller or what they are offering. This is one element that plays a role in every buyer’s decision, and that is trust. It isn’t simply a buzzword.

Trust is the golden ticket to building relationships and ultimately selling. No one builds any relationship without trust. So why is this element important to you as a sales professional/business looking to win over as many prospects as possible? Simple, it can make or break your sales journey.

In our part of the world, trust isn’t something that’s easily earned; you have to work diligently to build and fiercely protect it. Our diverse and culturally rich society values relationships and connections. To succeed in the sales world, you must understand and respect these values.

So, how can you master the art of building trust in sales? Here are some insights from our team at Scalein:

  1. First, you must know that the market is a jungle, and your competitors are prowling. So, to stand out you must constantly remember that it is not just about what you’re selling; it’s about who you are and how you make your customers feel.
  2. In Nigeria, we understand the power of warmth and connection in every interaction. We don’t just say “Hello, I want to buy this” or “Hi, I have this for sale, which would you be interested in?”.  We say “how’s your side?”, we share a laugh, we jest, and share a bit of ourselves before diving into business. It’s this human touch that forms the foundation of trust.
  3. In sales, this translates into taking the time to understand your client’s needs and challenges, showing genuine empathy, and demonstrating that you’re in it for the long haul, not just a quick win. Building trust means being as warm and welcoming as a plate of jollof rice at a family gathering.
  4. Another thing that helps build trust is honesty. One unfulfilled promise can unravel the trust you’ve painstakingly built. To avoid this, be upfront about what your product or service can and cannot do, and avoid the temptation to oversell.
  5. Consistency in communication, in delivering on promises, and in providing exceptional service builds a reputation that customers can rely on. It’s like the rhythm in Afro-beats, it keeps the vibes going. So show up when you say you will. Deliver what you promise. Surprise and delight your customers consistently, and you’ll have them dancing to your tune.

Outside of the aforementioned building blocks to trust, the bridge to complete trust is built on communication in sales. It needs the right elements and the perfect timing. Active listening is always key. Hear your customer’s concerns, needs, and desires. Ask questions. Seek to understand, not just respond.

And don’t forget the power of storytelling. Don’t know how to tell a good story? See here. Share success stories and case studies that illustrate how your product or service has transformed the lives of others. Stories build bridges of trust that mere facts and figures can’t.

As you navigate the tides of the sales world, remember these five things: be authentic, warm, honest, consistent, and a solid communicator, and you are well on your way to having your prospects and clients, trust you without a doubt.

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